About Us

At The Buddhist Shop, we regularly deal with Buddhist and Tibetan religious goods and on-spot sales on a regular basis, and our ever-expanding inventory reflects this. Our shoppers benefit from our low prices. Those who buy from us on wholesale basis are also satisfied with their profitable returns. Our experienced sales associates helpfully assist shoppers with their requirements 


We features a large variety of All Tibetan Ritual items like Statues, Butterlamps(Diwas), Serkeyem, Mandala, Offering Bowls(Tings), Khadas, Bhumpa, Phurbas, Paru, Dhangroo, Damroo, Prayer-Flags and other Accessories.

Since 2000, we’ve served a dual purpose: to help those in need of wholesale goods, and to provide great finds for those looking to buy them at bargain prices. We meet the needs of both shoppers and sellers.

The merchandise we carry offers shoppers endless opportunities to find tasteful, functional, and affordable items. Come experience what a positive buying and selling experience feels like. Check out why The Buddhist Shop is a leading Shop in Tibetan Cultural Goods. Visit us today!